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How to replace Fuel Tank Assembly?

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The procedure is as follows :----


Observe all applicable safety precautions when working around fuel. Whenever servicing the fuel system, always work in a well ventilated area. Do not allow fuel spray or vapors to come in contact with a spark or open flame. Keep a dry chemical fire extinguisher near the work area. Always keep fuel in a container specifically designed for fuel storage; also, always properly seal fuel containers to avoid the possibility of fire or explosion. See Figures 1 and 2

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Fig. Fig. 1: Fuel supply system components

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Fig. Fig. 2: Exploded view of fuel tank and related components
  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Relieve the fuel pressure, as outlined earlier in this section.
  3. Remove the rear seat cushion.
  4. Remove the plastic grommet from the floor pan.
  5. Detach the fuel pump electrical harness.
  6. Disconnect the fuel lines from the fuel pump by compressing the tabs on both sides of each nylon push connect fitting and easing the fuel line off of the fuel pump.
  7. Raise and safely support the vehicle securely on jackstands.
  8. Remove the muffler mount.
  9. Remove the heat shields.
  10. Remove the fuel tank cover.
  11. Remove the drain plug and drain the gasoline into a approved container.
  12. Disconnect the fuel lines and remove the fuel filter and base.
  13. Loosen the fuel tank filler pipe clamp at the fuel tank.
  14. Support the fuel tank using a hydraulic jack and a block of wood or other suitable device.
  15. Remove the two fuel tank support strap bolts and position the straps out of the way.
  16. Partially lower the fuel tank to access the fuel tank filler pipe vent tube and disconnect the vent tube and filler pipe from the tank.
  17. Disconnect the fuel vapor tube from the tank.
  18. Lower the tank from the vehicle.
  19. Installation is the reverse of the removal procedure.


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